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October 29, 2009


quinn shanahan

I love the new api. In this example

response = Typhoeus::Request.get("http://www.pauldix.net")

if i was instead to do

response = Typhoeus::Request.get("https://www.pauldix.net")

would it be clever enough to use ssl and port 443? if it did that would be awesome.

Paul Dix

I'm pretty sure it does that. At least, I think libcurl does that automagically.

Account Deleted

can I do HEAD requests using typhoeus ?

Paul Dix

The main Hydra, Request interface doesn't, but using the basic Easy object should work for HEAD requests.


I'm loving your work, kudos...


Would you mind adding a short note to the readme, reminding the users to follow basic netiquette and the robots.txt conventions?

It's not like you are responsible for what people do with your code, but maybe it could help calm down some of the lusers who will invariably do stupid things - like the one I already saw spidering my server with Typhoeus.

Oh, and I hope you are aware of the link of the name with the disease?

Paul Dix

Sure, I can add that in. The disease you're thinking of is either typhus or typhoid fever, neither of which have a relation to each other or the source of the name for this library.

The name is a reference to a greek god of the same name that was the father of Hydra. He's more commonly known as Typhon.


Yeah, I'm familiar with the names of Greek gods. I would say that these things do have a relation, unless being based on the same roots of words doesn't count. In (especially ancient) Greek, the thing and the god (or more general the mythological entity) are one and the same, so a typhoid fever and the god typhos are hard to distinguish. Another example is Kronos, which is one of the titans and at the same time "time". You couldn't name something after that titan without getting a relation to time in there.

I'm not saying you should change the name of your library, just be aware of the connection.

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