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February 13, 2009


Alex MacCaw

I like it :)

Jason Adams

I like it! Calling entry.sanitized.foo does exactly what you'd expect it to -- I don't see how you could get any clearer than that.

Luke Melia

I'm on the fence.

It kind of looks like a LoD violation at first glance. And another route not in the gist is to offer entry.sanitized_title (implemented perhaps via method missing).

OTOH, I like that you could provide a collaborator (like a view renderer) with the result of entry.sanitized and then it has no way to do the wrong thing.

James Adam

I tried to trackback, but it always seemed like spam:



No, I don't like it. You better stick woith the convention of zooming in on specifics left to right, similar to

entry = feed.entries.first


santitized_content = entry.author.santitized
Gabe Hollombe

Like a few others, I prefer:


John Nunemaker

Interesting but I think entry.title.sanitized is better. You could just add a method to string to cover all or extend the functionality on the specific returns. Just a thought.

Peter Jaros

Oh, that is beautiful. I'm not sure in this particular case whether I like entry.sanitized.title or entry.title.sanitized better. However, once you've decided you want a proxy object, the use of Class.new is brilliant. I needed this idom badly a year ago when I wrote Rubot, which is a DSL for behavior-based robots. I actually named a class BehaviorFactoryBuilder. How sad is that?


(Man, I've improved a lot in the last year.) :)


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