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August 07, 2008



Hi Paul,
My masters project is something similar to filterly. I'll work with hierarchical text classification.

I'm about to start implementing the classifiers and I'm thinking in forking basset or maybe extending it.

I don't know a better approach than yours. I'll probably start with yaml/text files and then rethink a database model.

Paul Dix

Hey Hugo,
Yeah, I haven't touched Basset in a while. I guess your interest is a signal that I should finally move it to github and update with some new algorithms. Guess I should get on that asap.

Marco Kotrotsos

Hi, great post. I have been working with the Classifier gem ,and it has been working great from CL. However I want to use it in a rails app, and because Rails overrides SUM I cannot get it to work properly. Can you suggest something to get this working in Rails, or any other classifier?

Thanks! Keep it up, I enjoy reading your posts.

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