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September 13, 2005



I would like to do my development on a wristwatch with a satellite up-link and a brain wave transmit/receive input device. But since that might be a few weeks off I guess I will have to say desktop.

But when a snag is hit, I can't stand being trapped in this seat so I would prefer sitting on the couch with a laptop or outside if it is cool and dry enough.


I pretty much agree with you. I have a desktop and a laptop. However I rarely even refer to my desktop as my desktop anymore. I just call it my development machine. That's pretty much the only time I ever sit down to use it ... when I want to work on a web app or whatever the case may be.

Don't get me wrong, I have a nice little laptop, in fact, it's nearly as powerful feature wise as my desktop, but the whole reason to buy a laptop (and spend more money for the hardware) is for portability if you ask me. I got it so I could basically get on the internet and check my webmail, feeds, use SSH, whatever. I want it to boot fast, be a good place to store pictures from my digital camera when traveling, and not have a ton of clutter on it.

... besides, my desktop has 2 monitors (and like you it gave me a taste for what I'd been missing so I'm badly wanting a 3rd or 4th now) and well, developing on one screen ... just seems like a waste of time.

Paul Dix

I agree about the laptop for portability. My old work laptop was quite powerful spec wise but was a little on the heavy side. That's why I'm waiting for an x41 tablet as my new one. Light, very portable and should handle my non-dev tasks quite nicely.


I got a desktop in my office and a small notebook (Samsung X20) at home, and use both for developing stuff.

For working on my notebook I hooked up an external keyboard, mouse and 22" monitor (Dual Screen), and extended it's memory to 2Gig, just like on my desktop.

I don't think it matters if it is desktop or notebook, just as long as you add enough other stuff. :)

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