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August 30, 2005


Mr. Analogy

" There were other things I had in my head but they fell out while writing this post"

I love that comment. I say that all the time. I'm always looking for an easy congnitive-friction-free way to capture what's in my brain before it evaporates.

BTW, have you seen the movie "Momento"? There's a GREAT scene about a fellow with a head injury (and no ability to form new memories) trying to remember something but he can't find a PEN ANYWHERE. Tragedy ensues.

Paul Dix

Memento was an outstanding movie! It was my opinion that Memento deserved the oscar for best picture that year more than Gladiator...

Greg Moreno

I like this idea of a CMS for a personal user. I am a programmer but I still find it hard to customize CMS's like Mambo for my need. I ended with Wordpress but even then it took me a while to tweak the themes (and I am still not done with the tweaking).

Dimitris Giannitsaros

"I want a CMS that supports integration with a thick client. I don't currently know of any open source options"

eZ publush had this. Don't know what they're doing now. Check www.ez.no

Michael Sica

Congrats on the start and I look forward to following your CMS's development!

Good luck!


I agree with Greg, most of the times with a CMS I have to sit and rewrite half the code just to get the end experience the client is looking for. Be it Mambo, Wordpress or any of the Nuke variations, they're all built to be bulky all-in-one solutions designed to be installed by people with some degree of experience. What we need is a product designed with the average web user in mind that can be tweaked to their liking with little to no programming experience.
Let's get it on...

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